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Carpet Cleaning Services 

Carpets are the center of attraction in a household. They project your style and complete the decor of your living room. Apart from being a quintessential decor item, it is a personal playground for kids. They love to roll over and play with their toys on the carpet. Pets also love to roll over the carpet and relax on it. Carpets are among the most used and hence the dirtiest item of the household. As the carpet gets dusty and filthy, it loses its sheen. You wouldn’t want your precious upholstery item to be like that. Moreover, the dirty carpet is a breeding ground for fleas and insects that build their nests inside the tiny fibers and bite the kids that play on the rug.

We offer carpet cleaning services that remove the dirt and gunk that has accumulated on the carpet in a few months. A normal dusting or water washing removes the top layer of dirt while leaving the internal layer dirty. We use steam to remove the carpet’s dirt and dust and make it clean and new like before. Steam cleaning does not take too much time compared to a normal cleaning or water cleaning.¬†

We have made some tweaks to the existing machines that is used to clean the carpets. Our proprietary technique removes a major percentage of dirt from the carpet without damaging its structural integrity.  High temperature loosens the weaving of the carpet and throws off the fur from the base. If you opt for that type of cleaning, the life span of your carpet is reduced effectively. The usual steam cleaning can damage the carpet if the temperature of the water is too high. Other carpet cleaning services tend to use too much water that takes days to dry off completely. We understand the inconvenience caused due to the removal of the carpet and try to make it usable within a day or two.

We achieve the fast cleaning process by using 80 percent less water and more steam, which helps drain the dirt out completely. Our cleaning agent is a carbonated one and cleans blots of stains and seeps deep inside the fabric. Stain removal is a complicated process, and even a slight miscalculation can result in stain spreading to a larger are. We also remove persistent stains from your rugs and carpets that spoil the looks of your carpet. Additional chemicals used to clean the carpets are harsh on the hands and require a professional approach to clean them. We often hear about chemical reactions with skins after our customers try to handle the stains themselves. It is best to leave it up to us to clean your carpet, remove its stains and return it to the original color.

We employ professionals and train them for 3 to six months before letting them work on a project. This approach ensures that you never lend your precious upholstery to a non-experienced cleaner. We take each cleaning project seriously and do not hesitate to work more if it requires us. We work well with deadlines, but you have to understand that cleaning takes time and, if done in haste, is not beneficial.

Carpet Cleaning and Pest control come with various challenges which our experts are trained to handle. We can clean a variety of carpets as well as rugs and keep a strict check on pest infestation altogether.


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