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Rugs absorb a lot of dirt from shoes, feet and regular movement. They are heavy to lift and clean separately. Also light coloured rugs turn yellow and brown if left untreated for long. We provide professional rug cleaning services that extract the dirt and dust out of your rugs. The process involves a machine that is harsh on the dirt and soft on fabric. We understand that rugs are expensive and delicate in construction. Any slight miscalculation with the pressure can tear and destroy it completely. We use a carbonated solution to remove the yellow tinge and return it to its original colour.

“Remember when your floors shined, your tiles sparkled and your carpets radiated with color..? We do too. A1 has provided floor cleaning services as well as Carpet cleaning, Pest control and more for homeowners, renters and anyone who wants his or her home to look and feel its best.”

Carpet Cleaning and Pest control come with various challenges which our experts are trained to handle. We can clean a variety of carpets as well as rugs and keep a strict check on pest infestation altogether.


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