A1 carpet cleaning and pest control bring you the most affordable yet specialised cleaning services in the industry. We have bankable experienced, certified professionals, and a long history of satisfied customers that vouch for our services. Cleaning services are not just limited to floor and carpets and are now available for anything that is fitted with upholstery and a delicate interior. Apart from carpet cleaning and pest control, we also provide rug cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services, mattresses cleaning services and tile and grout cleaning. We employ industry-grade cleaning solutions to provide service that requires minimum effort after we are done with the cleaning process.

Carpet cleaning

We provide carpet cleaning services that get rid of the dirt and gunk from your carpet. It is a labour-intensive process that takes both time and effort, but we manage to do it quickly using a steam cleaning method that uses less water. It is more effective in separating the dirt from the fibres of the carpet and does not damage the carpet while cleaning it. Carpet cleaning is done using a carbonated liquid that helps to remove dirt and stain from the surface.

Pest control

We provide total pest control services that weed out tiny disease-causing insects, rodents, fleas and mosquitoes from your residence. Pets lurk in corners, inside the crevices and small openings and mostly cone out at night. They are the primary source of disease and ailments and cause a big dent in your savings. We offer organic solutions that effectively weeds out and kills pests. The compound does not allow any other new infestation to take place and keeps your home fresh and lively for a long time. We also oversee the changes that can be performed to prevent the pests from coming back.

Mattress cleaning

The mattress becomes dirty over time. It absorbs the dust and sweat and begins to smell bad. If the mattress is kept dirty for long, bed bugs are also attracted to it. Cleaning mattresses is not an easy gig, so we provide mattress cleaning services that can restore their condition. We separate the dirt from the foam and use organic products to remove the bad odour from the mattress. We do not beat the mattress or spray it with water to clean it. Steam cleaning is the only way to clean the mattress without letting it absorb too much water.


Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery gets the worst treatment in the household. Kids smear them with food and greasy fingers and pets lick them, roll over and paint them with their dirty paws. Upholstery is a pain to clean and seldom returns to its original colour and form. We provide upholstery cleaning services that can help return the vibrance and make it appear as if it were brand new. All this is done using minimum water and organic cleaning products and with the help of experienced staff.


Rug Cleaning

Rugs absorb a lot of dirt from shoes, feet and regular movement. They are heavy to lift and clean separately. Also light coloured rugs turn yellow and brown if left untreated for long. We provide professional rug cleaning services that extract the dirt and dust out of your rugs. The process involves a machine that is harsh on the dirt and soft on fabric. We understand that rugs are expensive and delicate in construction. Any slight miscalculation with the pressure can tear and destroy it completely. We use a carbonated solution to remove the yellow tinge and return it to its original colour.


Tile and Grout cleaning

Tiles and grout repel most of the dirt from their surface. Tiles and slowly become rough and start absorbing dust, dirt, and oil. The joints also turn yellow over time and are difficult to clean. Merely scrubbing the tiles removes the dirt but grease and soap grime stay on the surface. The friction is reduced and the chances of slipping in the bathroom and porch increases. We pressure wash the tiles and then clean them to remove the dirt and grease for good.

Carpet Cleaning and Pest control come with various challenges which our experts are trained to handle. We can clean a variety of carpets as well as rugs and keep a strict check on pest infestation altogether.


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