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Pest Control

Sydney Pest control

We know the troubles that pest brings to an enclosed area that includes your home, residential structures, office space, and industrial area. Pest disturbs the tranquillity of your surroundings and causes pertinent health issues. The health issues amplify your hospital bills and force you to take frequent trips to the health professional. This happens partially due to consumers’ negligence regarding pest control and prevention in their home and office enclosures. Pest control is more than just spraying your residence with a chemical blend and takes care of the problem for good. We provide pest control services that are not limited to spraying the chemicals and provide electronic devices that prevent the further intrusion of pests inside the area.

Our pest control services cover all major trouble seekers lurking in and around your home and office area. We provide pest control treatment that includes cockroaches, bugs, termites, ants, snakes, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, and birds. We ensure that none of these teeny-tiny bugs can trouble you again from our elaborate list of pest control of the animals mentioned earlier and insects. We use industry-grade solutions that help us eliminate the problem and ensure that they do not resurface again. Although insects and mosquitoes can re-enter the household and offices once you start reopening doors, we make sure that they are taken care of after that.

Cockroaches are a common nuisance creator in kitchens. They enter the kitchen through a drain pipe and feed on leftover food, vegetable peels, and other uncovered food items. The risk of contamination becomes very high in the case of cockroaches. They freely roam around the kitchen, on the kitchen slab, washed utensils and kitchenware, and spread disease-causing microbes on their surface. If you consume food or water using the same utensils or cook the food in them, you are bound to face digestive issues and other problems. Kids’ and elder’s metabolism suffers the most if there are cockroaches present in the kitchen. Using our pest control services, you can bid farewell to the cockroach problem.

As soon as the warm season sets in, ants start to resurface. They stay inside the small crevices and store food inside them. They also bite you and get inside openings of electronic devices and beds and sofa. It is very difficult to remove them once they set their foot inside, but we can take care of the ants and remove them from the residence. The next troublemaker hides inside wooden furniture and mattress, bites and sucks your blood, and makes sleeping difficult and irritating. Termites eat up the wood while bed bugs consume your blood to survive. We provide thorough cleaning services to remove the termite’s infestation and suggest additional preventive measures to keep your furniture and sleep secure. 

Other menaces causing species include rodents that bite and tear off your fabrics and wood and litter feces around the residence. Snakes can also seep into the house through pipes and toilets. We provide anti rodent solutions that act as a barrier for mosquitoes, birds, insects, rodents. On top of that, our service team includes seasoned professionals. They possess almost a decade of experience in the pest management and control industry. They suggest apt solutions as per your needs and make sure that you don’t have to call us again about the problem. They are highly complacent and hear your problems before suggesting a solution. With us by your side, you can remove the pest problem and restore the tranquillity of your home and office enclosures.

We provide general pest control. Which covers cockroaches, spiders, Ants, redback spider, Also we do Rodents control as well.

Yes. We only use the safest, latest and fully tested products available. The treatments are also used in hospitals, schools, child care centres, food manufacturing and many other sensitive places. 
For extra care and for full peace of mind there may be certain situations when we ask you to vacate the house during treatment. For instance if very young children, someone who is pregnant, or allergy or asthma sufferers are present. This is fully discussed and explained in advance and we will seek your permission before applying any treatment.

Generally, no there’s no odour. Most treatments are odourless.

Yes if you have German cockroaches in kitchen. We recommend you to empty the kitchen cupboards.

If you are present on site we can take payment after we finish the job. Otherwise if you will not be present we will need payment upfront.

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