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Mattress cleaning

The mattress becomes dirty over time. It absorbs the dust and sweat and begins to smell bad. If the mattress is kept dirty for long, bed bugs are also attracted to it. Cleaning mattresses is not an easy gig, so we provide mattress cleaning services that can restore their condition.

We separate the dirt from the foam and use organic products to remove the bad odour from the mattress. We do not beat the mattress or spray it with water to clean it. Steam cleaning is the only way to clean the mattress without letting it absorb too much water.

“Remember when your floors shined, your tiles sparkled and your carpets radiated with color..? We do too. A1 has provided floor cleaning services as well as Carpet cleaning, Pest control and more for homeowners, renters and anyone who wants his or her home to look and feel its best.”

Carpet Cleaning and Pest control come with various challenges which our experts are trained to handle. We can clean a variety of carpets as well as rugs and keep a strict check on pest infestation altogether.


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