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how much does carpet cleaning cost in Sydney?

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Despite what some might think, keeping carpets clean is not difficult. Mostly, they need to be vacuumed daily and have regular spot treatments to remove stains and keep them looking new. However, there are times when you want to restore that plush newness to your carpet, and a DIY carpet clean just won’t cut it. That’s where carpet cleaning services come in.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can help you achieve that ‘like-new’ look for your carpets and deep clean them to remove tough stains and restore any water damage. We’ve run the figures, and hiring a professional is definitely worth the cost!

Carpet cleaning services typically charge by the room, with rates varying based on room size and the level of soiling or staining. Some services may have a minimum number of rooms they will clean or a minimum charge. Carpet cleaner costs start from around $40 per room, though this is likely to only be for a 1-step clean. A more thorough clean involves a 4 to 6-stage cleaning process, costing from $60 to $90 per room. On an hourly rate, expect to pay around $40 to $60 per hour.

The size of the area to be cleaned is a significant factor in the cost of carpet cleaning. The more carpeted area you have, the more you will pay. Location and cleaning techniques are also essential factors in determining the final cost. Stains can be very labour intensive to remove, and stubborn stains may require special tools or chemicals, which can increase the price.

Carpet cleaning costs more for homes with hard-to-reach areas or several types of furniture. The house layout is also used to determine to price, for example, by charging per room or floor. Carpet cleaners may also charge extra for cleaning carpets that are subject to burns, tears, or discolouration. The home’s location can also affect the cost, as it takes longer to clean carpets in high-rise homes than in ground-level homes.

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